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By Gearhex MC

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Minecraft version 1.13, the “Update Aquatic” is right around the corner!
We WILL be updating, but it won’t happen overnight.

It’s going to be a long transition until everything is ready, and working as it should.
Expect downtime at random times during this week, due to updates being applied to our servers. But we hope to keep this minimal.

We have no idea what to expect until it happens…
Nothing can be finished until the core systems/plugins we use have a stable release, published by third-party developers.
Once we get everything up and running, many of our plugins and features will become outdated, broken, and some will be unusable until further notice.

We’ll also be hosting a 1.13 test server at “113.vitalcraft.co.uk”
It’s 100% vanilla right now and will be updated when the official spigot version arrives.

Like what we do? Please consider donating to us, to motivate us to continue.
As always, we will work our hardest to get everything in working order.
We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your support.

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