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Bespoke, fair and honest hosting solutions for your server.
Minecraft Server, Game server & more!

Rent from us from $1.68 per GB of RAM /mo

United States, North America

✔️ Flexible and Fair

We’ll distribute enough processing power to sufficiently power your server. Extra Storage is subject to availability and fair use.

✔️ Powerful Hardware

Our servers are powered by AMDFX4350 Processors @ 4.2GHz and fast SSD storage. No compromises.

✔️ Try Before You Buy

Try out the performance of your server 10 days before your first invoice is due. No strings attached. Your satisfaction is important.

✔️ DDoS Protection

Your server instances will be protected against attacks from all types of DDos attempts.

✔️ Pay what you need

Tailored specifically to your usage! Our pricing is calculated based on the amount of GB of RAM you need. Upgrade or downgrade any time!

✔️ Automated Daily Backups

We take an automatic daily backup of your server instances that you can restore within 24 hours. This doesn’t use up your storage allowance.

Our Pricing

Scroll across to see pricing per Gigabyte (GB) and the features you'll get

*Transaction Fee = The administration fee for processing your invoice and currency conversion.
*Up to 1 Core = You’ll be allocated enough processing power to run your server up to the percentage of your available core, but are not guarenteed more.
*Min 1 Core = We’ll allocate you the minimum of said core so you can guarentee that you’ll have the whole percentage of that core available.
*Min 5GB SSD or 25GB HDD = This is the base storage capacity with your server. You can choose between either an SSD for faster performance, or a HDD for higher capacity storage. Additional storage may be available, but is subject to availablity and fair use, and applicable at no extra cost.
*Up to 1 Instance = Each instance refers to how many servers you are able to run. We recommend that you only host a limited number of instances with your selected hardware configuration.
*Unlimited Instances = Each instance refers to how many servers you are able to run. Typically, you can run as many servers as you desire, as long as the total of resourses does not exceed your Package.
*Pterodactyl Panel = Our servers use a modified version of the open source game server management software Pterodactyl. You will have control over your Instances with full permissions within the panel interface, and via FTP.
*Full Access and FTP = You’ll have full access to your server’s files and console within the limitations of the Pterodactyl panel and FTP.<br>
*Unlimited Subusers = Request to have additional Users added to your control panel with their own account so you can define specific permissions to specific users. Just ask our support team to generate an account for them and to assign the user to your instance.
*Port Allocations on Request = You can request for ports to be opened for connectivivity on your server, subject to availablity and only available on request. Contact our Support team.
*Free Basic Support = We will assist you with the intial setup of your desired server on request, and any technical non-user generated errors and issues.
*Daily Backup = We will retain a daily backup of your server instances for 24 hours automatically, that will be available for download at any time within the timeframe. This will not use up your storage allowance.
*Our hosting service does not actually provide either of the following: ‘Pet Unicorn’, ‘Yellow submarine’, ‘Ticket to Vegas’, ‘Bag of chips’, ‘Can of soda’, ‘Lifetime of happiness’, ’64 Diamond Blocks’, ‘Knock-knock jokes’, ‘Plenty of memes’, ‘Secret Plans’, ‘Knife and fork’, ‘Planet Mars’, ‘Ice cream sundae’, ‘Tea and crumpets’, ‘Boxing gloves’, ‘Magic wand’ – this of course is just satire.