Partnership Program

The Gearhex Partnership Program is designed for content creators such as YouTubers or Streamers, and game server owners both big and small to reach their audience through Gearhex. In return, they will shout us out on their platforms to give us a boost too!

The mutual traffic will help our communities grow, and maybe even create a strong relationship between the two of us.

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE - we can't just give it to everyone!

The requirements to join are simple, we must believe in you and you must believe in us. There is no requirement for player, viewer or subscriber count, just show us that you are pouring your heart and soul into what you do, and that's all the qualification you need. You also need to be willing to shout us out to your friends and viewers as well, as we will do the same for you! There are no requirements in the way you do this, this is entirely up to you. This can be anything - advertisements, shoutouts in your descriptions, and an emblem on your website or an announcement on your Discord!

Are you the owner of a gaming community, game server, YouTube or Twitch channel?

Benefits and Expectations

Partners will receive:
- A unique "Partner" rank on Discord and other services for at least one of their representatives
- An entry to this page, featuring their official links, name, and logo
- Traffic to their content or services, through managed advertisements
Partners will be expected to:
- Follow our rules and community guidelines at all times
- Represent and Respect Gearhex services and communities, for all that we stand for
- Not mislead or misrepresent themselves in any way
- Promote themselves moderately in official Gearhex public channels/chats/services

Our Partners and Sponsors

YouTuber / Streamer
" Hi! I'm leap and I'm a small Twitch streamer from the UK. I make videos/streams about games. "
YouTuber / Streamer
" Hi, I'm Huggleton! I play a variety of games anywhere from action to grand strategy and try to be funny about it. "
" Hi, most people just call me Death. I play a wide variety of games with friends, and I try to stream regularly. "

Other Sponsors:
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Represent Gearhex

Represent Gearhex with an optional badge to display on your content!

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