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By Gearhex

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Are you growing tired of your slow running PC? Do you wish your PC could run the latest games on the Highest settings like all your friends?
Imagine you could own a super-fast gaming PC, with a GTX 1080… without spending £2000 on a new gaming PC.

Now you can, with Shadow, * a cloud gaming subscription service with absolutely no restrictions! We mean, no restrictions.
A full Windows 10 PC, hosted for you, streamed to your PC, with low-zero latency. They host the PC, you stream it!
You won’t even notice the input lag. * Even on the slowest devices, you could be playing up to * 4K 60 fps on your favourite game, without physically owning the hardware!

We’ve used it ourselves, and are impressed by the performance!

Keen to try it for yourself? Get £10 off your first month with the referral code ‘LUKGOMUT‘ and enjoy it yourself! https://shop.shadow.tech/gben

Not convinced? Check out this review by LowSpecGamer:
Top 10 Questions by MarkWattsVLG:

* Not a paid promotion
* Latency is varied depending on location, and internet speed (15mb/s recommended)
* 4K video quality only compatible with a 4K capable monitor

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