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Known Issue:

Chat will disable itself when your connection drops, or you reconnect too quickly!

If reconnect to the server too quickly or if you suffer from an occasionally dropping internet connection, you may find yourself disconnected from the chat once you are reconnected. When someone sends a chat message, or you type something in the chat, it may not get to the other person. COMMON FOR PLAYERS WHO ARE CONNECTED TO BOTH WIFI AND ETHERNET AT THE SAME TIME  

Temporary Solution:

When your connection drops, reconnect to the server.

When you notice that your connection has dropped, and that you have automatically been reconnected to Gearhex MC. Disconnect from the game, wait 5 seconds, and reconnect to the server manually. This will re-establish your connection to the in-game chat and the other players will finally be able to hear you. Disconnect Join Server

Best Solution:

Disconnect WIFI and remain connected to Ethernet or Disconnect Ethernet and remain connected to WIFI

Eliminate conflicting Network Adapters so that you are only connected with one. If you wanna stay on WIFI, disconnect from Ethernet. If you wanna stay on Ethernet, disconnect from WIFI. This should prevent further dropouts, and prevent your chat from glitching. Connection


We’re working on it!

The reason this is happening, your wifi is dropping and instantly switching to Ethernet while connected to both adapters. So the server thinks that you have logged in from another location. And due to this, your new connection hasn’t properly connected itself to the chat! We’re already working on a fix for this, but for now, the only solutions are the solutions above.
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