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Community Guidelines

Last Updated: July 15, 2020
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Gearhex Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines are fundamental rules and regulations for Gearhex that must be followed if you are to use any our products and services. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t have fun, but there are some things that go too far in certain situations. The Community Guidelines were put in place to make sure nobody is crossing the line. And that Gearhex remains a friendly place to be. Products and services that label or specify that they are intended for a mature audience with an 18+ certificate may have their own specific code of conduct in which will be taken into consideration.  

Code of Conduct


Inappropriate Content

Sexually explicit content such as nudity or pornography is prohibited. Users that are breaching this rule by posting or exchanging sexually explicit content of any kind, on our community forums, or anywhere on our any of our services may face a permanent ban from the Gearhex website and excluded from any of our other services.

Violent Content

Gory or violent content that contains real physical violent acts that is intended to shock or horrify an individual is not acceptable. Please do not encourage other individuals or children to repeat or pursue violent or dangerous acts that may put them or others in harm’s way. If you are to post graphic content, you must make sure to make your intentions clear and specify its purpose. (i.e. It’s fake.)

Hateful Content

We believe in free speech, but it is highly unacceptable to discriminate, hate or attack any individual or group of individuals due to their race, age, sex, gender, disability or sexual orientation, etc. It is also unacceptable to harass, intimidate, threaten, or invade someone’s privacy by disclosing personal information or otherwise. Stalkerish or threatening behavior will not be tolerated on any of our products or services.

Copyrighted Content

Using copyrighted content that you did not produce or have permission to use is not okay. You must consider the laws of copyright when posting anything to our forums or any other of our services. You are liable for any user-submitted copyrighted content, and it may be removed if the copyright owner requests to take it down. If you are to use something that isn’t your own, the least you could do is credit the source!

Spamming and Scamming

Excessive or repetitive posts, messages, accounts or threads are classified as spam. If you post numerous threads to simply be annoying or post numerous threads to the same forum of the same to similar content – that is spam. Spam not only gets in the way, but it’s also very, very annoying. It is also prohibited to intentionally post misleading content or “clickbait” to encourage users to be deceived or scammed. Users that spam may be banned from our services. Users that are evidently creating multiple accounts with the intention to post excessive irrelevant threads on our forums will have their accounts deactivated and be immediately IP-banned. Our spam filter should handle the rest.

Unauthorized Advertisements

Our forums and website are not a platform for you to publish unauthorised advertisements of any kind, whether your intentions are to promote other websites and draw our audience away from our site and on to yours, or whether your intentions is to promote other communities, businesses, companies or organisations. Have something you want to promote? We’ll be happy to strike a deal with you. Unpermitted posting on our forums is not the way to go. To use the Gearhex platform to promote your content, contact or visit for more information

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