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What is Gearhex VIP?
Gearhex VIP is an exclusive premium donator club with a subscription (or one-off payment) which will not only help out our server covering hosting costs and improve features and content, but it will also unlock a range of awesome benefits across all of Gearhex, such as special ranks/tags and other awesome benefits!

[] What’s included in the Gearhex VIP Membership?

Perks and Benefits on Gearhex MC

Avantages sur Gearhex MC pour les membres VIP Gearhex et GRATUIT Les packages du Gearhex Store qui sont actuellement totalement GRATUITS sur Gearhex MC pour Gearhex VIP Members:

Préfixe de rang (the [VIP] tag in-game and role on Discord)

Rejoignez l'annonce (everyone will know you’re a VIP)

Salle VIP (an NPC of your Minecraft character can be be found at the Hubrequest to be added)

Surnom (an in-game nickname)

ChatCouleurs (using color codes in chat)

Effets de hub ultimes (Hub) /effects

Vol du moyeu (fly around the Hub) /fly

Sentiers cosmétiques (particles) /trails

Priorité (join a game or server even if full)

Écholocalisation (get your position and see who’s near) /getpos /direction /near

Voyageur de sommeil (sleep without a bed) /sleep

Canons amusants (kaboom) /kittycannon /beecannon

Édition de signe (edit a sign without destroying it with /editsign and /sign)

Private MSGGROUPs Groupchats (You can make your own MSGGROUP) /msggroup create

Bulletin Soyez le premier à être informé des mises à jour et des fonctionnalités à venir sur Gearhex MC et d'autres entreprises liées à Gearhex dans le cadre de notre newsletter facultative et des notifications Discord

Accès exclusif Access to surprise or exclusive events (which could be exclusive to VIP members)

Animaux domestiques (Spawn a companion to accompany your adventure) /pets

The following features may be considered Pay-To-Win and are currently under consideration by our staff team.

[MAYBE] Extra Plots (limit to 6 [Creative])

[MAYBE] Extra Homes (limit to 6 [The Survival world only])

[MAYBE] Unlimited Flight (access to creative fly) /fly

Pseudo personnalisé
Effets de hub ultimes
Couleurs du chat

The packages should be added to your account automatically - you won't need to buy them seperately!

DISCLAIMER: The perks and benefits of the Gearhex VIP membership can be modified by Gearhex, added or removed at any time. Although we will do our very best to ensure the stated benefits remain functional, due to third party issues or discretion some features may be discontinued or unavailable at times, If you wish to stop your Gearhex VIP Subscription, simply unsubscribe from PayPal or refuse the payment. The Gearhex VIP membership is treated as a donation and is not eligible for a refund in most circumstances. Thanks for supporting Gearhex.

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